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August 2014, I just finished a monthlong run of projects. There was a very cool Nike job with dir. Jonathan Notaro and producer David Wolfson  featuring stylized sets and awesome pro-skateboarding. Created a mock movie premiere for a Toyota ad with dir. Rawson Thurber and producer Frank Mele. JJ Adler of Tool directed a fun Verizon ad featuring NFL players and then Gentlemen (the directing team) returned with a job for Hannaford markets. The month before the phone didn't even ring. The feast or famine scenario continues. I hope to gorge some more before the next hibernation. 

 In September we did a Killer's music video with director Warren Fu and a self-directed Kid Cudi video, both for Partizan films produced by Josh Goldstein. In October Terry Richardson helmed a spot for Juicy Couture produced by Adam Baxter. The year started with director Dan Rush on TNT promos for "Rizzoli and Isles" and "The Great Escape" and a commercial. Along the way there were also commercials for Lowes and Carl's Jr. with director Rich Lee and DNA Inc. and an ESPN spot with Dir. Noah Conopask and Prod. Chris Palladino. I worked again with Brand New School on NASDAQ spots with dirs. Kris Wong and the inimitable Mike Calvert. In April, before working on the indy feature film "Mall" with director Joe Hahn and producer Bill Boyd we all also did the Linkin Park "Burn it Down" music video. It was my 7th video for the band and how much fun is it that TNT used the song and footage from the video for their NBA play-off promo?. (link below) We really 'burned it down' when we torched a set in the desert for a Blake Shelton music video. Who doesn't love a good bonfire? Best wishes for the holidays and in 2013.In December, I finished 2011 in New York with a Pantene commercial starring Liv Tyler, directed by the extraordinary Vincent Jerome with Great Guns. I also did another Christmas tree for Mariah Carey. She was filming at The Greenwich Hotel and they heard I was in town. In November, we decorated Mariah's house for the music video "When Christmas Comes" featuring John Legend. I guess she likes my Christmas trees.

It was a great year of projects with videos for Will.I.Am, Eminem, Linkin Park and commercials for Ikea, Time Warner, and Subway among others. Happy New Year one and all

October 2011 has been a Music Video month. It started with a video for the new Footloose movie produced and directed by the inimitable Bill Boyd. A week later I worked on the new Will.I.Am video for DNA Inc. directed by Rich Lee and featuring guest artists J. Lo and Mick Jagger ... AWESOME TRACK! Look for this one.

The Time Warner Cable ads I filmed with Brand New School in New York last summer are running in heavy rotation as are the October/"Anytober" Subway spots (both campaigns with Directors Mike Calvert and Dennis Go) Really FUN sets ... a mad Scientist's lab, Mt Olympus, a spooky cemetery. Can it get better? I can't imagine a greater group than the people I'm getting to work with. What's next? 

Just finished another "Any" Subway campaign with Brand New School ... a mad Scientist's lab, Mt Olympus, a spooky cemetery ... FUN sets with directors Mike Calvert and Dennis Go.

Recap the year: January was spent in the cold of NY doing two IKEA jobs. The IKEA "Snap" commercial job with Jonathan Notaro came out amazing.

Back in LA I got to work with Sanaa Hamri on a couple of music videos ... it was great working with her again.

In April I did my 6th video with Linkin Park. Great stuff ... I think I'm probably becoming their biggest fan.

In May I was hired to do the promos for "Top Chef: Just Desserts Season 2." Dan Appel directed ... sweet job!

In January 2010 we jumped right back into music videos with Timbaland's "Carry Out" feat. Justin Timberlake and directed by Bryan Barber. In January and February I also worked on two videos with director Ray Kay, the dynamic Norwegian headliner on Rockhard Films' roster. The video we did for Justin Bieber got 28 million hits in one week on youtube ... WHO IS THAT KID?

Looking forward to a new Linkin Park album due this year after a great run of work with Joe Hahn and the band in 2008-9. The last video, "New Divide" was tied into the Transformers movie and for that one we put the band in a cave. On the video before, "Leave Out All the Rest" we built a space ship. Not bad work for a production designer.January 2010 also started with more spots for the "Gentlemen" of Bandito Brothers AKA the directing team of Brett Snider and Billy Federighi. We did PowerBar featuring Lamar Odom dunking on the moon and then in March we did a series of Kelloggs Corn Pops spots which are a staple for the "Gentlemen." The first quarter of 2010 which also included 3 music videos was finished off with a Target Stores job for Buck Holzmer Productions
... and then a nap.  

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